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By cycling through the rice fields and poplar groves, you can discover the most authentic and unspoilt Lomellina.
In Breme, you can use the bicycles provided by the municipality to ride to the floodplains and woods along the Po and the Sesia. There are three routes: “red”, at the confluence of the two rivers, “yellow”, in the so-called Pelosa region, and “green” in the Garzaia del Bosco Basso.
The “From rice to oak trees” cycle track and footpath runs between San Giorgio, Olevano, Velezzo, Zeme and Lomello. Visitors can split their excursion into one or more days: “From Monticelli to the Bosco dei frati”, “On the ancient route of the Via Settimia” and “Among heronries and the Knights Templar”, in the Agogna valley and passing several small rural churches, including the church of San Bernardo, which bears witness to the presence of the Templars.
Mezzana Bigli, a town on the banks of the Po, you can set off on six cycle routes within a radius of about thirty kilometres along the great river and in neighbouring villages, including Lomello and the Cistercian abbey of Acqualunga. You can also admire the Lomellina region from above by taking a flight from the Club Astra airfield.


The Via delle Gallie, also known as the Via Pavese (Pavian Way), runs through Lomellina from Dorno to Lomello. The route of the consular road, which is now a cycle track and footpath, was laid out at the end of the 1st century BC and ran from Pavia to Carbonara, Dorno (“Duriae”), Lomello (“Laumellum”) and Cozzo (“Cuttiae”), where it divided into two sections: one to Turin and the other to Vercelli and Aosta. The “Via della Gallie in Lomellina” association has brought together the municipalities of Dorno, Ferrera Erbognone, Gropello Cairoli, Lomello, Ottobiano, Scaldasole and Valeggio.
From the hamlet of Sforzesca di Vigevano, you can set off on excursions on foot or by bicycle in the green lung of the Park of the Ticino. Numerous events are organised by the Emys nature centre, including excursions and guided tours, lectures, slide shows, themed days, exhibitions and nature courses. The Park Centre has an equipped rest area and a bike point.

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