La Pila di Sartirana

LA PILA is an ancient rice warehouse built in 17th century. Thanks to it’s the amazing state of preservation and its charm, Pila is a unique building . The name itself states an expression of its authenticity: in fact the name Pila originates from the process of husking the rice – in Italian “pilatura” – that occurred within its walls.

La Pila is located in the unique environment of Lomellina. A small area rich in medieval abbeys, castles and natural oasis between the rivers Po and Sesia.

La Pila was originally created as a warehouse for the Visconti’s adjacent castle (14th century) and it has maintained its original architectural features during the centuries. In its main room, visitors can still admire the huge wooden trusses and the original floor in cotto tile.

Well-preserved evidences of rural and industrial archaeology are present and gathered in a dedicated museum: wooden equipments for rice processing, the hopper, the wall paintings indicating the storage of the rice and the unique mill with a horizontal wheel. Moreover, La Pila still keeps the old sluices’ system that conveyed the water for the mill.

Today la Pila organises and promote various cultural and artistic events.

It its room it is possible to visit amazing exhibitions dedicated to art, fashion and design. Two of resident exhibits are dedicated to Ken Scott, designer and stylist of the sixties and seventies. His colourful creations animated the spaces of la Pila: one dedicated to the food (Food Mood collection) and the other to fashion and particularly to foulards.

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